ANDREW-CODE - Collection

Year 2019
01 —

We are a project representing the combination of the creativity and the tailoring, research in the style and choice of materials.

We give to clothing a fondamentale value that is our belief:  the difference. Passion and personality are strongholds that sustain our idea bringing to a unique result dedicated to everyone searching, leaving and constantly discovering different and unconventional situations and that in the reality they look for originality.

02 —

Feeling unique is the desire aimed by the urban explorers, distinguishing and being independent from the choir with a new style code is our objective.

The collection is a crossroad of styles coming from different directions and apparently far from each other, our experience makes them converge and cohabit in a unique concept. That’s how the challenge begins and a context is created where the design, the attention for esthetic and care of details are developed and become tangible constituting a new total look completely  made in Italy addressed for the male genre.

03 —

An endearing and decisive mood, the choice of the very structured fabrics is a priority characteristic, the comfort given to clothing is obtained by the volumes gleaned from the world of street-style and opportunely modified and combined with details of classic mold.

Increased fit management thanks to the application of modeling concepts and cutting taken from the technical clothing panorama. Color palette precise and concentrated in few tones, clean finishes, minimal graphic intervention hidden in each garment and that, like a note on the agenda... reminds us to:  add a new dress code in the wardrobe...“Add new dress-code in wardrobe” is our message... to remind you that there is always room for something new in your closet.


is a Made in Italy brand